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How Do Content Rich Websites Make Money Online?

Successful online marketing isn't about how much 'traffic' you get, but how many 'sales' you make. So if you're a small-business you should focus in a particular market niche and promote products/ services that are unique, competitively priced or exclusive to your business to get an edge.

Hi I'm Steve Elson, Marketing Mixologist and Business Facilitator. I've helped launch over 200 start-ups and small businesses into competitive position using marketing-as-a-science to deliver 'profitable' added value

There is no point in trying to create traffic to your website if visitors have nothing useful to see when they come there. "It isn't how much 'traffic' you get, but how many 'sales' you make." This is a very important concept but some people just don’t get it. You can easily double the effectiveness of your website without having to double the traffic. This means that creating a 'people friendly' content marketing strategy is just as important as making it search engine optomised. If you would like to discuss a consultancy project, please get in touch.

I can give you content marketing ideas, improve search engine visibility, CTR plus marketing tips for getting and keeping people on your site. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), I provide flexible contract options tailored to your needs: 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month contracts, offering hybrid or hourly rate options based on fixed hours.

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