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Kent Lead Generation Consultant FAQs

Quite often, a client will ask me something along the lines of: 

“How did my campaign perform...How are the results looking...Looking at the report, are these figures good?” 

I always take it as a compliment that clients (usually) respect my insights and experience. But my answer as a Kent lead generation consultant is always the same. 

“You tell me,  I'm a lead generation consultant with a responsibility to not only generate leads, but help you nurture these leads through the sales cycle too!" 

I could tell them organic site traffic went up 513% after 2 months, and that their Google Ads conversion rate has doubled in a single month, or their Facebook campaign has an 11% conversion rate. 

Amazing, right?! Er, no, not really. My clients pay me to generate leads. So a good result must meet and hopefully exceed the goals we agreed at the beginning of the campaign. And that’s all I ask to be judged on. 

  • How many leads did you get? 
  • How many leads could you convert? 
  • What are those new clients worth to you? 
  • Is that more than what you paid me? 
  • Yes? Great. It is viable. Let’s go again! 
  • No? Let's look at the stats, review your goals and reshape the next campaign

So how do you measure success? Let's get started 🔥

Assuring you of my best attention at all times,
Steve Elson, Kent Lead Generation Consultant 

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