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Local SEO Consultant: Good to meet up with @ElsonOnDemand - top #seoconsultant

"Good to meet up with @ElsonOnDemand - top #seo specialist - great tips  #BusinessGrowth" - Dr Wayne Wright. Managing Partner WSquare International LLP

Since the COVID-19 crisis, businesses are having to evolve from offline to online. When shopping footfall fell 80% during the first UK lockdown of 2020, many retailers pivoted their marketing strategy. As a result, they turned to SEO companies to help push SEO, local search and Google Adwords to raise brand awareness. So how do you promote your brand to drive qualified traffic to your website?

Any SEO consultant that’s doing it right is going to need your help.

So clients should get involved from the outset! For instance, ask about deliverables to make sure you get the best possible results from a SEM campaign. By working closely with your SEO consultant; imparting your valuable insight and industry knowledge. This ensures your search engine marketing consultant clearly understands your goals, as a result.

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When should you bring in an SEO Consultant

Hi, my name is Steve Elson, local Semrush Academy Certified SEO Consultant, AI Prompt Engineer, and  Google Adwords Certified Professional. If you want an experienced business facilitator to show you how to increase your online visibility, improve CTR and reduce lead acquisition costs, just call me with a brief run down of what you’re trying to achieve, goals, budget & who your main audience is and I'll see what I can do for you.

If your website traffic is falling, or you notice a drop in rankings, it’s a good time to hire a specialist. Because this makes sure you get off to a good start. A competitor site analysis, content marketing plan and a search engine friendly website is the best start. We could give you the complete definition of website optimisation, but we’d probably send you off to sleep. However in simple terms, it’s a measure of how well your site is loved by site visitors and search engines like Google.

Should I ask my SEO consultant for deliverables?

Nowadays, having a good-looking website with informative content is not enough to boost the sales of your business. In order for search engines to recognise your website and prioritise it in the search list, it must be popular, SEO (Search Engine Optimised, mobile friendly, and relevent.

Firstly, clearly define your web marketing strategy and target audience(s) and be specific! As it’s surprising how often we receive vague objectives from our clients. I would encourage clients to work with your consultant to clarify these points right at the start of a website marketing campaign. This makes sure you get off to a good start with a search engine friendly website design.

So you hired a local SEO consultant. Now what?

Look for a SEO consultant with experience in your industry and ask for a research report and examples of previous success. Before you sign a contract or hand over your money familiarise yourself with how search marketing works. Ask yourself if the service you are buying is really what you are looking for and how much you can afford. Also think carefully about how you are going to measure the results. Above all do not be persuaded into hiring search engine marketing services on a whim. Lastly, be realistic about your marketing budget. Budget considerations are very important these days and some consultants may cut corners. We don’t recommend this practice because under investment means there is a real danger of your campaign failing to meet your goals and business objectives.
I offer tailored contract options to suit their needs, including flexible durations of 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month contracts, with hybrid or hourly rate choices based on fixed hours.

What will this SEO consultant do differently? 

I will review your Google Analytics data and produce a technical SEO site audit report. This is the first step in improving your search engine rankings. 

I will also do extensive keyword research to identify and prioritise low-competitive, high-converting keyword opportunities for your business. 

I take a deep-dive approach to competitive analysis using GA, Keywords Anywhere, SEMrush, Ahref, Answer The Public, MOZ and competitor insights for a plan to stomp your competitors. 

I will help you recover from a Google penalty, fix click funnels or landing page issues. This helps lead customers to a specific goal. 

I can assess your current content marketing and devise an action plan to create lead generating content. 

I will create/ optimise your Google My Business page, maps and improve your local GMB ranking

I can also provide monthly SEO services, on and off page optimisation; link building strategy & guest posting. 

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