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Restaurant PR | Brand Storytelling | Food PR Kent & N. East

Restaurant pr and brand storytelling exemplify my ability to blend surprise, engagement, and influencer collaboration.

I collaborate with real foodies to drive local restaurant pr, brand repositioning, and social media engagement efforts for acclaimed restaurants in Kent and the Northeast.

I’m dedicated to helping independent restaurants shine in the local dining scene through expert brand storytelling food pr.

When making Thai Palace the talk of Kent's dining scene, I focused on the chef's passion for Thai cuisine with mouthwatering signature dishes like Poo Phad Pong Gari, Sea Bass Mueng Na Nao, and Sea Bass Nueng See Eiw.

My expertise in restaurant pr was recently showcased in Manchester's bustling culinary scene with the launch of  Zen Sushiya. I devised an innovative FlashmobPR campaign that transformed the restaurant's debut into a memorable event, earning praise from the Manchester Evening News as "a hidden gem restaurant serving authentic Japanese cuisine."

My campaigns generate buzz and anticipation, establish a robust online presence on Instagram, and engage influencers and social groups.

I meticulously plan every campaign, identifying popular local bloggers and influencers who share a passion for your cuisine.

Bloggers and influencers play a pivotal role, spreading the word through exclusive sneak peeks and igniting curiosity among their followers.

My successes for 'Kents best Thai Restaurant' and a new 'tatami restaurant in Manchester' exemplify my ability to blend surprise, engagement, and influencer collaboration, making culinary delights stand out through creative brilliance.

From rebranding your restaurant and designing menus to creating stunning websites, writing engaging social media posts, press releases, and forging local partnerships, I’m ready to discuss your PR and social media strategy or create excitement around your restaurant!

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