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Steve Elson, Certified AI Prompt Engineer with IBM Skills Network


I'm happy to share that I've recently passed my AI Prompt Engineering Certificate with IBM Skills Network, and I want to use this opportunity to offer a simple exercise using AI Prompts to promote your charity. By following this step-by-step exercise, the AI can generate ideas for a series of tailored Instagram posts to raise awareness of your goals, fundraising efforts, educational initiatives, or to encourage volunteers to support your charity.

  • Q1 "Acting as an AI prompt engineer, write a series of questions that will allow the AI to provide a tailored Instagram campaign for your children's charity"

  • Q2 "Acting as a well known children's charity, use the answers to these questions to create a series of tailored interesting instagram posts for my charity with a clear call-to-action"

  • Q3 "Convert this list into a scheduled timetable of instagram posts for this month"

Feeling curious? Steal more ChatGPT prompts. Want to dive deeper? Book a 1-to-1 consultation with me.



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